"haru.Japan" is a brand-project from Japan that is supervised by haru (Aoyagi Haruko),
antique-glass beads accessory designer.
She holds up "Be myself" as a slogan.
"haru.Japan" produces and deals in accessories, bags, and other ornaments.
Products are often combined antique beads with materials such as fabrics imported from worldwide area.

"haru.Japan exhibition 2008" was a great success.
The related workshop was popular, too.

Moreover, haru supervises the art group "Karakusa club".
Their exhibition is positively holding as the activity in collaboration with many other artists.

"Terako-ya de Karakusa" directed by haru is begun in 2011.
The attempt of school foundation is to spread the happiness of the creation.

【 The past exhibitions 】
May.2010   KARAKUSA Cafe 2010
Nov.2010   haru.Japan in Shanghai
Jan.2011   KARAKUSA Cafe 2011
Jun.2011   haru.Japan in Kofu